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Financial Problems

Financial problems relating to real estate often lead to litigation, bankruptcy, or restructuring

Real estate transactions represent a significant investment for the parties involved. A breach of contract, material misrepresentation, construction flaw, easement issue, or controversial bylaw can quickly undermine the value of a property or one’s desire to live there. The Hale Lammiman Group, Ltd. has represented clients on all sides of these disputes — the owner, the developer, the builder, the lender or the buyer. This experience has led us to an inescapable conclusion: we are committed to negotiation as a way to settle real estate disputes before engaging in costly, lengthy litigation. As with any case, we prepare each case for litigation, but, knowing the personal nature of real estate disputes, we are also skilled negotiators who identify common ground that leverages our client’s interests without compromising on principle. Sometimes a settlement is achieved quickly, sometimes it is brought about through the litigation process, and sometimes the contentious nature of the case means settlement efforts fail. Regardless, we have the experience, skill, and ability to recognize, advise and meet your objectives.

Skillful Real Estate Guidnace

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If you are involved in a real estate dispute, a delay is not on your side. Rights have become time-barred, particularly if the dispute involves a failure to honor contractual obligations. At the Hale Lammiman Group, Ltd., our lawyers work closely with condominium associations, boards, developers, contractors, home buyers, and sellers in cases involving real estate litigation. When necessary we consult engineers, architects, materials specialists, and other experts in identifying and defending construction defects. In issues related to contractual obligations, we protect and assert our client’s rights regarding purchase agreements, condominium covenants, homeowner association contracts, and construction documents.

The lawyers at the Hale Lammiman Group, Ltd. have represented associations, condominium boards, real estate developers, and homeowners in regard to the following kinds of issues:

  • Breach of Contract

  • Misrepresentation or fraud

  • Condominium bylaws and declarations

  • Indemnification of a condominium board

  • Deviation from blueprints by a contractor

  • Construction defects

  • Issues associated with a real estate condition report

  • Title claims and deeds/liens

  • Non-disclosure of environmental hazards

  • Restructuring of real estate leases and loans

  • Chapter 11 cases of real estate debtors

The cost of a breach of contract or misrepresentation can be significant, and your legal right to seek relief diminishes over time. Don’t delay  – contact real estate litigation lawyers at the Hale Lammiman Group, Ltd. today.