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Construction Litigation Attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The cost of repairing a construction defect may exceed the initial cost of the entire building. Construction litigation is often complicated and expert-driven. Construction defects can potentially involve hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in losses. Deadlines are at stake and those who sleep on their rights may eliminate any opportunity to recover. At the Hale Law Group, our attorneys consult engineers, architects, surveyors, materials experts, and others in litigation involving construction defects. In cases involving water intrusion, we determine whether proper construction techniques were used on the building envelope.

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Given the complicated nature of construction litigation cases, it’s important to expedite the process of investigating and analyzing any evidence involved. To learn more about how we can help you, contact construction litigation attorneys at the Hale Law Group today.

Construction Defects, Faulty Materials,
and Litigation

The law office of the Hale Law Group represents clients in construction litigation matters involving the following:

  • Water intrusion

  • Allegations of faulty construction

  • Allegations involving faulty, substandard materials

  • Defective foundations

  • Erosion due to improper grading

  • Contractor contracts

  • Departure from blueprints

  • Insurance coverage