Trucking Industry Defense

Trucking companies and commercial carriers are often subject to litigation as a result of accidents involving their drivers or vehicles. Typically, the plaintiff’s lawyer argues that driver fatigue, excessive speeding, or general negligence on the part of the driver is to blame for causing an accident. Plaintiff’s lawyers appeal to the public’s bias against commercial drivers. The company itself is often blamed for the hiring or supervising of the driver.

At the Hale Law Group, our attorneys work with accident investigators, medical professionals, and other experts in defending truck drivers and their companies. Even if a truck driver was speeding or driving in excess of the allowable daily / weekly maximum, discovery often reveals that such claims are irrelevant to the cause of the accident. We uncover facts that either reduce or remove a trucking company’s liability altogether.

Defending the Trucking and Commercial Carrier Industry

The law office of the Hale Law Group represents trucking companies and commercial carriers in cases involving accidents alleged to have been caused by one or more of the following:

  • Truck / bus driver asleep at the wheel
  • Driving under the influence
  • Excessive speeding on the part of truck driver
  • Excessively wide angled turn
  • Truck / bus driver improperly pulled off onto road shoulder
  • Improper reflective markings on truck, van, bus
  • Load shift
  • Improperly maintained truck, van, bus
  • Inattentive driving
  • Hiring, training and supervising issues

Why a Motorist might share the Blame

Many accidents involving truck collisions could be avoided if car drivers paid more attention to driving safely. When determining liability, a car driver can be held “at fault” if he or she failed to take preventative action before an accident. Often the plaintiff was following too closely or swerving in and out of lanes and into the blind spot of a truck driver.

Our attorneys investigate the cause and nature of an accident, exposing actions on the part of car drivers that contributed or caused a truck accident.