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Who We Are


We are a boutique law firm who focuses on:

  1. Commercial Litigation; and
  2. Commercial Bankruptcy and Restructuring

The attorneys of the Hale Lammiman Group are effective, common sense commercial litigators and restructuring attorneys who understand how to achieve favorable results for our clients. We are accomplished litigation and bankruptcy attorneys with years of experience in prosecuting and defending cases in the courtroom and on appeal.

But not all cases will (or should) be resolved in the courtroom.  The attorneys at the Hale Lammiman Group have the experience to recognize the most advantageous and cost-effective route to resolution in your favor. That means that we’re as skilled in pre-litigation negotiation and mid-case mediation as we are in courtroom strategy. Although the facts of the case may dictate a different course of action, the goal to serve our clients’ needs efficiently and cost-effectively never changes, whether in negotiation, litigation, mediation, or arbitration.

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Christopher Hale and Forrest Lammiman each have more than three decades of experience in negotiating, litigating and resolving disputes. The importance of having an experienced trial attorney or restructuring lawyer cannot be overstated. Both litigation and bankruptcy matters have their own set of principles and procedures, requiring knowledgeable counsel. In addition to our recognized skills in trial and bankruptcy matters, the Hale Lammiman Group possess equal proficiency in state and federal appellate court proceedings. We handle appeals with the same teamwork as in our trial and bankruptcy court practices.

Our size allows us to operate in an open, accessible, and fast-moving atmosphere that promotes progressive thinking and creative problem solving to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Meet Our Attorneys

The philosophy of the Hale Lammiman Group is simple; we are here to achieve the best results for you and you alone.  That’s our motto and our promise to our clients. We act in your best interest and we work to resolve your case in a way that benefits you both financially and personally.

The attorneys at Hale Lammiman Group have the experience – in trial court and bankruptcy court, in mediation, in arbitration, in settlement meetings, in depositions – to posture your matters for the best possible outcome.  Having that experience and reputation as attorneys who will not back away from presenting your case to the court makes the attorneys at the Hale Lammiman Group the advocates to have in your corner.

About Us
Litigation & Appeals
Litigation & Appeals
In any type of civil litigation, we are committed to providing you with outstanding representation and obtaining the best possible result, effectively and efficiently.

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Business Litigation
Business Litigation
We can help you in a dispute such as a breach of contract or sales agreement, non compete, misrepresentation or an equity dispute in your company.

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Transportation Defense
Transportation Defense
Commercial transportation cases require refined and aggressive litigation skills to overcome the perception and bias against commercial drivers.

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