Commercial Litigation

We believe that the true test of a litigator is the ability to take a complex case – and make it simple so that a jury or judge can easily understand it. Our attorneys have a broad breadth of diverse experience from which we can draw for the benefit of our clients. The majority of litigation we manage is “commercial litigation.” This includes breach of contract cases that span the spectrum of business disputes from manufacturer, distributor, vendor, employment and landlord-tenant. There is no subject matter area of a contract that we are not comfortable handling.

In addition to our contract practice, we litigate cases where fraud or misrepresentation is alleged, (we have extensive experience litigating breach of fiduciary duty cases) and often where an extensive investigation and analysis is needed to determine liability.

There are also the cases that don’t fit well within the contract or fraud categories, but which impact our clients on a daily basis. Defamation, indemnity, unfair competition, estate litigation, liability issues from the purchase or sale of businesses years ago, and employment litigation are just a few.

We also know that many disputes may involve insurance coverage and we will advise you in a way to maximize the potential to trigger insurance coverage.

At the Hale Lammiman Group, our attorneys have litigated, arbitrated, and mediated a wide range of commercial and business disputes, including:

  • General Litigation
    • General litigation transpires when things go wrong and a dispute ends up in court. Learn More
  • Trucking Industry Defense
    • Defending trucking and transportation cases requires an aggressive and detailed approach. Learn More
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation
    • We represent individuals and families throughout Wisconsin in personal injury and wrongful death cases occasioned by the negligence, carelessness, and recklessness of others. Learn More
  • Professional Negligence
    • Not every dispute is actionable — we are selective and conservative in our approach — and the legislature has enacted laws that significantly impact the strength, weakness and timing of any professional negligence claim. Learn More
  • Real Estate Litigation and Restructuring
    • A breach of contract, material misrepresentation, construction flaw, easement issue or controversial bylaw can quickly undermine the value of a property or one’s desire to live there. Learn More
  • Construction Litigation
    • The cost of repairing a construction defect may exceed the initial cost of the entire building and construction litigation is often complicated and expert-driven. Learn More